How To Stay Cool & Comfortable on Summer Dates In Your 50’s, 60’s and beyond

5 ways to look fabulous without sacrificing on comfort when you’re back in the mid-life dating scene…

5 ways to look fabulous without sacrificing on comfort when you’re back in the mid-life dating scene…

In the UK we’re not always best equipped to cope with the heat and as good weather doesn’t happen all that often, chances are you don’t a wardrobe full of clothing options for a date in a heatwave!

Here are my 5 top tips to inspire you, keep you cool and ever prepared for the inevitable summer downpour.

Summer date outfit dress and hat women over 50's

Summer romances are the stuff of legend – so how do you dress for a date in hot weather and stay looking cool, comfortable and stylish and not turn into a sweaty mess the moment you step outside your door?

Keep it cotton on your bottom

That’s right, we need to think about underwear first and my first tip is to avoid synthetic fabrics as much as possible. Moisture wicking underwear, similar to items designed for wearing during exercise made from either cotton or bamboo, is breathable and prevents moisture getting trapped. A date on a very hot day or evening may not be the best time to showcase a figure-hugging outfit that requires body sculpting big lycra knickers.

Which leads me to tip number 2……

summer date outfit trousers women over 50 & 60

Keep it loose

Opt for wider more airy cuts that give you breathing room. Maxi skirts and dresses, wide legged cotton or linen trousers and A-line skirts are all great options. Lighter colours such as cream, light pinks and browns will work well together. If you’re worried about sweat marks, stick to white or black, both of which will disguise any dampness.


summer date outfit women over 50

Thin Lizzy

Look for the thinnest fabrics you can find without being see-through. More see-through fabrics may be cooler, they are likely to lead to you feeling ‘exposed’ or self-conscious and therefore be counterproductive as you’ll feel like you need to cover up. Consider wearing something with a loose long sleave, this will keep you cool, cover your upper arms, an area many women feel less confident about and protect you from the sun’s rays.

summer date outfit women over 50's and 60's

Layers are Key

Let’s be realistic, the weather can be very changeable, therefore it pays to be prepared; You may also find yourself in overly air-conditioned restaurant or bar, so a light cardigan or pashmina type scarf that can be rolled up and kept in your (slightly over sized) bag.

Twinkle Toes

Keeping your feet cool can help keep the rest of you from overheating too. Open toed sandals or cotton/hessian espadrille wedges are ideal.

summer dating outfits in your 50s and 60s

Above all else, wear clothes you know you will be comfortable and yourself in. Clothes that will allow your personality to shine, nothing that makes you feel uncomfortable in which can distract you from being in the moment and enjoying your date.

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